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Fran: What is the message that you hope readers will come away with after writing this book?

Leigh: The message I hope readers walk away with is that regardless of where they are in life and circumstances endured, all things are possible. I want readers to know they have the ability to live their dreams and still be connected to God/source which is not separate from them but within them. Finally to take their lives in there own hands living authentically caught in the rapture of self-love regardless of outside pressure of whom others want or say they should be.

Fran: Tell us the five most important things you learned during your school years?

Leigh: The five most important things I learned during school years:

1 People hurt us and we hurt others (not always intentionally) but this is ok and part of an experience to aid in our growth and development.

2 Question what you are taught about life and God. The true experience and expression of God is found through experiencing god through your journey in life and from going within.

3.I learned the importance of being creative and having people who nurture this creativity at a young age leads to a very open minded state in our adult years and with this we can create anything.

4 Nature, being out in nature was and still is an important healing and realignment, so to speak, mechanism for me.

5.Lastly, I knew I truly was never alone as a child and had an amazing mission this life.

Fran: Why did your parents feel you needed some type of professional intervention and how did this make you stronger?

Leigh: My family felt I needed this due to me running away. I feel they felt they could not control me and wanted help in some way. This made me stronger in that It gave me a different perspective of my view of both the people I was surrounded with and my perception of those trust when it came to family.

The people in the physicality that were there had serious problems as patients but I felt they just wanted to have someone hear what they had to say and understand them instead of medicating them. As far as staff seeing that someone was given so much power to help lives yet using it as a way to make more money in stead of healing the children toughened my heart a bit to no be so naive and trusting all the time. As far as my family By them choosing to put me in the facility made me realize that even those who we deem flawless and perfect also make decisions not great in time of fear. We are all human.

Fran: How and when did you first realize that you had special abilities?

Leigh: I knew the day I sat in that chapel talking to God when I was able to see my hands glowing vividly green with an aura around them.  But it took me being older and more driven to heal and know more existed and after having my first child this opportunity presented itself and the death of my grandfather catapulted experiences in fast motion. I would have to say when I saw my grandmother (fathers dad whom I never met due to her early ascent) Validated that I had something.

Fran: Which one or ones did you realize first?

Leigh: The first gift I noticed was being able to see aura. So I would say the gift of sight. That day in the chapel was the only time I saw and aura until after the birth of my first daughter. I asked them (guides, Angels, God) to help me develop my gifts after her birth and the first gift again was aura but it scared me. I was very overwhelmed. I saw it on everything and everyone and couldn’t focus on the physical. During this time I was also able to see a Decease relative of my daughters and orbs. All this was too much for me at one time. So aura seeing stopped due to my request. But I was still able to see Decease just in a different form, light… stars.

Fran: Tell us about your four children and how they are different and how each one of them has some part of your personality?

Leigh: Light is very head strong like mom, Tatjana is very creative and artistic yet sensitive like mom, Olivia is a hands down diva making her presence known and persistent in her demands like mom, and Sophia has athleticism of a lion and cheetah mixed who also is very independent and like to be in her own harmonious world also like mom.

Fran: The talents you have are: the ability to heal, see the truth, channel, sight, empathy, faith, Clair cognizance, automatic writing: Please give readers an example of how you learned you had these sights and how you use them to help others.

Leigh: I learned I had each of these gifts through experiencing them myself. The healing hands on I used to help heal my own ailments as well as my children at different times. When it comes distant healing I have helped friends who have validated receiving healings from me. Seeing truth was for me connecting directly to the eyes and asking for truth to be spoken. So if it weren’t truth I would not hear it is as words were speaking from a person’s mouth. It was like mumble if you will. There are different ways I channel, through writings, sometimes one on one conversations with others when I am asked for guidance in their lives and allowing my entire being to open up to bring through and energy of light for nature healings. When I say sight I am able to see energies from angels to deceased to orbs. Again when there are messages for people from loved ones and their angels act I am able to tell whom it is from not by seeing a physical body but arrangement of lights in their different colors. With the faith healings it’s removing all doubt and seeing the person or situation completely healed in whatever ailment or state they are dealing with. This is used in combination with my other gifts while placing my hands on a person and opening up to let gods energy and truth flow without any ego. The knowing gift I seem to just know without a doubt or second-guessing myself. I ask a question and the answer usually comes before i’ve even finished the question.

With all these gifts it is never done under pressure or done in a state to prove my abilities. I will always do what I do guide to help those I’m guided to help in whatever ways I am guided to do so and not at a charge. It is my service to humanity.

Fran: In Part Two you describe your Formula for creating the better you or how you had to put in the work to lose the weight you gained when pregnant. Explain the formula and how it works:

Incorporating a healthy lifestyle, visualizing, Believe in you, putting in the work and Loving you

Leigh: The formula for weight loss, weight gain and even just maintaining a healthy current weight starts by incorporating a healthy lifestyle. That’s in our environment (the people we surround ourselves with and experiences we choose), Choosing healthier food choices and taking control of our lives. Visualization is important because if you cannot see your self the way you desire clearly in your own mind then how is it to manifest here and now. It is so important to visualize on what you wish the end result to be and let the universe take care of the minor details along this journey. Belief in oneself is also very crucial. You must believe within your self that obtaining this goal is possible thus opening up the experience for this to be your reality. Reality. Lastly putting in the work requires more than just your wishful thinking. Go to a gym, out in nature and even in the privacy of your own home and dedicate set time to gift yourself with the time spent putting in the actual work and your body will reward you with results. 100 percent effort. You deserve it and your body will respond.

Fran: You devoted one full chapter to Self-Love: WHY?

Leigh: Thank you for asking this question. Why self- Love? I feel it is the basis of the level of experiences we draw to ourselves, With out the love of self we can not give unconditional love to those people and experiences we wish to fully give to. Without Self Love and acceptance of ourselves we cannot expect to attract and be receptive to that energy flowing to us from our peers or get mad when they treat us the way we view ourselves. I am one of those people who belief that the root of disease, conflict, hatred and even fear lies in some level of lack of self-love.

Fran: Give an example of what you mean by Cleaning up Your World?

Leigh: A real example of cleaning up your world would be me, for instance wanting to rid my experiences of what I may deem as toxicity in my interactions with people.  I am constantly working on bettering my experiences from what my own perception of what a better experience is. So I start in homes. I start detuning the home of the body replacing with more nourishing foods, and then detuning the physical home where I reside. I light a white candle, and open up the windows and doors while removing old stagnant articles of clothes furniture jewelry etc. I put them in bags to donate to our local homeless shelter. I clean the house spotless from head to toe. Removing dirt, dust and grime. While doing this I call on the Angels, Jesus and God to help me with this space clearing. I ask that anything removed be replaced with God love and blessings in whatever form that may be. What I notice is that usually new decor pops in as well as new interactions with people. As my homes shift so does my home of the physical body and even my garden. I open a space for positive changes to come by just letting go.

Fran: the next part consists of quotes that I read: How did you decide on which ones to use and can you share with readers five that you think are the most powerful and why?

Leigh: I did not choose which ones to use really. I was guided to share almost all of them as someone who need to read those words. It’s so hard to choose just 5 because I feel all of them are important or at the time of channeling them I would not have written them. But for the sake of 5 in this moment these are the ones:

1 The Best choice for those you care deeply about is that you live according to your TRUTH, your higher self. By doing so you allow others to choose what is in their highest good in any given moment just by your state of being. ~ Archangel Uriel

2 You are the water… Flow

You are the leaves in the wind… Dance

You are the sun and the moon… Balance

You are all in Oneness. Love

~ God/Source

3.In random acts of kindness, unspoken respect for mankind is shown, thus unveiling the domino effect of love and remembrance of our inner connection, our oneness ~ Jesus

4.Allowing you to show vulnerability is a sign of strength.

Only the strong can share their sadness, heartaches and yes tears with the world.

For they know that this is not a sign of weakness, but the movement of love, compassion, and humility in a being of greatness ~Soul

5 You have the wings to set yourself free,

The key to unlock doors,

And the spirit to do all things grand


Also I charge for fitness services. Healing work there is not a charge as I stated in interview :). But I am always guided to the ones to do service for and them to me.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. Fran Lewis: Just reviews


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