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IN MEMORY OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY: A SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT POST ON JUST REVIEWS: ELIZABETH WOULD HAVE BEEN 82 on APRIL 15th and in her memory Herbie J Pilato requested that I highlight her work, career, life and his interviews with her, his books and his biography:

I begin this tribute with several interviews by Herbie J. Pilato which highlight her career and answers many questions that fans, viewers and even fellow actors might want answered.


As the author of two biographies about Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery, the original Bewitched Book that was later revised as Bewitched Forever, and the new book, Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door: Television’s Iconic Women From the 50s, 60s and 70s (which also features a profile of Elizabeth), I befriended the beloved actress a few years before she passed away in 1995 – and she granted to me exclusive interviews about her life and career.May 18th will commemorate the 20th Anniversary of her passing (she would have turned 82 on April 15th), on the tail-end of the 50th Anniversary of Bewitched’s debut – just as NBC readies the all-new Bewitched series.

Herbie is the Founder & Executive Director of The Classic TV Preservation Society, a formal 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to celebrating the positive influence of classic television programming (the popularity which is ever-increasing as evidenced by the three new nostalgia TV networks, ME-TV, COZI-TV, and ANTENNA-TV).

My New Elizabeth Montgomery Biography: An Exclusive Preview (including a link to the entire first chapter) – Herbie J Pilato


Special Interview:


Why did Elizabeth Montgomery, star of TV’s Bewitched, hate Ronald Reagan?

How are JFK and Marilyn Monroe related to Bewitched?

What does the Iran/Contra Affair have to do with Bewitched?

What does the 1988 Pan Am incident over Lockerbie have to do with Bewitched?

Why did Elizabeth view prejudice as the core message of Bewitched?

How did Elizabeth twitch her nose as Samantha on Bewitched?

Was she really related to ax-murderess Lizzie Borden (who she played in the 1975 TV-movie)?

Did Gary Cooper make a play for a pre-witched Elizabeth?

Did she have an affair with Dean Martin (on the set of their hit movie, Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed)?

Did dueling affairs break-up Elizabeth’s marriage to Bewitched producer/director William Asher?

Did Elvis Presley have a thing for Elizabeth?

Just exactly how abusive was her marriage to alcoholic actor Gig Young (her second of four husbands)?

Did Darrin really love Samantha behind the Bewitched scenes? Is THAT why there were two Darrin’s?

Did Samantha and Endora battle behind the witch cameras?

The answers to these questions and more are found in my new biography of Elizabeth Montgomery, titled, TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY, which is based on my exclusive interviews with Elizabeth (who died of cancer in 1995).

This book also includes never-before-published commentary from other TV icons like: Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch), June Lockhart (Lost in Space), Lydia Cornell (Too Close For Comfort), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Eric Scott (The Waltons), as well Montgomery’s friends like the Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson (in his final interview!), actor Ronny Cox (her co-star from A Case of Rape, one of her historic, ground-breaking TV-movies), and many others!

Other topics covered:

Liberal Democrat Elizabeth clashed with her father – the conservative Republican actor Robert Montgomery (the first celebrity to serve the as an entertainment consultant to the White House).

Elizabeth’s generous support of the Peace Movement and the disabled community!

Her protests of the Vietnam War!

How she became one of the first celebrities to help those suffering from AIDS!

With an expansive perspective on her free spirit, intelligence and wit; her strong sense of politics, family, work ethic and general life priorities, TWITCH UPON A STAR is a compelling chronicle of a legendary, charitable and very complex actress.

Read Chapter 1 from TWITCH UPON A STAR:

Listen to one-hour radio interview with author Herbie J Pilato:

Read the reviews below:

“…all about Bewitched, the magical 1960s-and-1970s sitcom, and other triumphs enjoyed by the talented and beautiful Montgomery.”
Michael Musto, Village Voice

“…a fine biography of a fine lady.”
Peter Ackerman, Son of Harry Ackerman (executive producer of Bewitched)

“Fans of classic television or of well-written biographies should seek this out…a comprehensive and touching biography of Montgomery’s life…”
Kristen Lopez, Journeys in Classic Film

“Elizabeth Montgomery’s life is beautifully portrayed…in this loving new biography.

“…astounding! Herbie J Pilato does a wonderful job of mixing hard info and his personal relationship with Elizabeth Montgomery. His approach makes the book very unique. This is one of the best biographies I’ve read in years… a real classic…a brilliant work…a masterpiece.”
Rick Lertzman, media historian and author of Codename: Dr. Feelgood

“…an engrossing look at a strong-willed actress whose career spanned five decades. It will satisfy Elizabeth Montgomery fans, as well as Bewitched buffs interested in learning more about that series’ leading lady – and even how the famous twitch was ‘invented.’
Classic Film and TV Café

“Heavily researched, expertly executed, and handled with reverence, Twitch Upon A Star is a magical revelation about one of the most popular and endearing performers of all time…Herbie J Pilato not only knows what he’s talking about…he also cares very deeply about his subject, from a personal, yet objective perspective…this book is a class act about a classic actress.”
Danny Gold, film and television producer

“I encourage everyone to read Pilato’s astounding, loving, riveting, eye-opening book.”
Lydia Cornell, star of classic TV’s Too Close For Comfort, comedienne, and women and child’s advocate

“The way Herbie J Pilato tells it, Elizabeth Montgomery just didn’t have guts, she had balls. She was kind to those she felt deserved it but had no qualms about setting others straight. Who’d’a thunk that sweet little Samantha had such chutzpah?”
Larry Brody, TV writer and producer
(Baretta, Diagnosis: Murder, The Fall Guy, and more)

“Intricately revealing, well written and hard to put down…captures the essence and life of Elizabeth Montgomery…an intriguing journey into the loves, politics and performances of this multi-talented actor – a very magical journey, yet based in the real emotion of love.”
Kathy Garver, film, TV and stage star (Cissy on the classic Family Affair TV series); author, The Family Affair Cookbook and Surviving Cissy; speaker.

“Not only has Bewitched’s Samantha Stephens influenced hundreds of female TV characters and the actresses who portrayed them, but Elizabeth Montgomery’s lasting influence on Hollywood and society has been far greater than the TV series that made her a legend. Herbie J Pilato, one of the great students of classic TV, spins a compelling narrative that brings to life a magical TV series and it’s even more magical star. It’s a true Hollywood story, and more than any book I’ve read Twitch Upon a Star goes behind-the-scenes to capture a fascinating period in history when television was coming of age.”
Jack Myers, media ecologist, author and producer

“Much more than just a celebrity biography Twitch Upon A Star relays a spiritual quest that can speak to anyone. Retelling the story and work of a life can activate an awareness of the beauty and purpose in our own unfoldment. Pilato accomplishes this masterfully and magically, uncovering such depth and absorbing reflection with authenticity and vigorous charm to reveal Elizabeth Montgomery’s journey as a true cultural treasure. This book is magnificent!”
Thomas Warfield, performing artist, founder of PeaceArt International

“…my latest favorite book…”
Salvadore SeBasco, Literary Director/Book Critic, The Inside View Show


For a review copy or to schedule an interview with the author, contact Sandy Trupp at Media Connect (202.974.5022/sandy.trupp@finnpartners.com), Kalen Landow at Taylor Trade Publishing (klandow@rowman.com), or the author directly via HJPilato@yahoo.com (310.480.0067).

Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery by Herbie J Pilato

November 2012 · ISBN 978-1-58979-749-9 · 456 pages · 6 x 9 · $24.95 · Hardcover · 40 B&W and Color Photos · Biography/Entertainment

Taylor Trade Publishing | An Imprint of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

Distributed by National Book Network · 1-800-462-6420












                 Elizabeth Montgomery: Her life, her struggles, her career, her relationships and her starring role in Bewitched


Published: November 22, 2012 at 11:37 AM GMT
Last Updated: November 24, 2012 at 11:37 AM GMT

By Herbie J Pilato

Why did Elizabeth Montgomery, star of TV’s Bewitched, hate Ronald Reagan?

How are JFK and Marilyn Monroe related to Bewitched?

What does the Iran/Contra Affair have to do with Bewitched?

What does the 1988 Pan Am incident over Lockerbie have to do with Bewitched?

Why did Elizabeth view prejudice as the core message of Bewitched?

How did Elizabeth twitch her nose as Samantha on Bewitched?

Was she really related to ax-murderess Lizzie Borden (who she played in the 1975 TV-movie)?

Did Gary Cooper make a play for a pre-witched Elizabeth?

Did she have an affair with Dean Martin (on the set of their hit movie, Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed)?

Did dueling affairs break-up Elizabeth’s marriage to Bewitched producer/director William Asher?

Did Elvis Presley have a thing for Elizabeth?

Just exactly how abusive was her marriage to alcoholic actor Gig Young (her second of four husbands)?

Did Darrin really love Samantha behind the Bewitched scenes? Is THAT why there were two Darrin’s?

Did Samantha and Endora battle behind the witch cameras?

The answers to these questions and more are found in my new biography of Elizabeth Montgomery, titled, TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF

Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is pleased to present an interview with author Herbie J Pilato as of May 25, 2001 regarding his book Bewitched Forever and the Bewitched TV show.

Melanie: Congratulations on the re-release of the Bewitched Forever book. It is the most complete source on the Bewitched TV show to date and fans are eager to obtain the latest copy. How long did it take you to write it?

HJP: Thank you for your kind words. It took me ten years to complete the book.

Melanie: What changes are being made for this edition? Will there be new facts and photos, or primarily updates/corrections to what was in the 1996 edition?

HJP: It is primarily an updated/corrected edition of the book, with passing dates and such of the some of the Bewitched cast members who have passed into spirit since the 1996 edition was published. Although I have added a new introduction, explaining my meeting Elizabeth Montgomery. Ive talked so much about those meetings, that I thought it was about time I put those thoughts down in writing for the fans of the show to read. It really was such a magical moment for me to meet her, and I really felt like I was representing all of Bewitched fandom when I did.

Bewitched Forever 2001 Has the Same Cover As the 1996 Edition

Melanie: What was Elizabeth Montgomery’s reaction when you first contacted her about your desire to write the Bewitched book?

HJP: She was like, Why are you doing this? I think she was a little concerned as to why I cared so much, and she was very leery of speaking with anyone from the press about anything, much less Bewitched. But once she realized my intention, and after Bill Asher convinced her that Herbie is really concerned about this entity known as Bewitched, she felt very comfortable in speaking with me.

Melanie: In various TV interviews, Elizabeth seemed rather shy talking about Bewitched, twitching her nose, and in general distanced herself from roles similar to that of Samantha. Did you find this when you started interviewing her for your book?

HJP: She wasnt so much shy about talking about Bewitched, as much as she just viewed it as a part of her past, and wanted to move on. But after we met, and after I convinced just how sincerely loved she was by so many, she opened up. And, in retrospect, I strongly believe that the interviews we had, and the time we spent together, became very therapeutic for her. In fact, she called our meetings cathartic.

Melanie: She seemed to be at home on the small screen. Did she discuss why she chose to stay a TV movie actress instead of returning to feature films where she found success pre-Bewitched?

HJP: I think if she was frustrated with Bewitched at all, it was because I believe she really wanted to be a film star. So I really dont think she chose to be a TV star, as opposed to a movie star. Its just the way things turned out. I know, at one point, shortly before I met her, Sol Saks was approached about writing a feature film version of Bewitched – with Elizabeth in mind, if you can believe it. And from what Mr. Saks told me, she was intrigued with the idea.

Melanie: We’ve heard that you would like to release an Elizabeth Montgomery biography in 2004 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Bewitched. Have you started this book yet?

HJP: Well, to be honest…Im quite torn about the idea. Elizabeth was a very complicated human being, with many personal issues, and I just dont yet know if I feel completely comfortable with speaking about her life in detail. In one moment, I feel like I would be betraying her trust, and in other moments, I feel so strongly about telling her wonderful story. Because she really was so wonderful a human being, who did so much for so many – beyond and because of Bewitched. So I still dont know.

Melanie: Montgomery’s children seem to have their own fan base as a result of their wonderfully bewitching mother. Do you keep in contact with them and will they participate in her biography?

HJP: I talk to Bill Asher about twice a year, and I have not talked to Billy since I first met Elizabeth. I met Robert briefly, and I never met Rebecca. Ironically, Billy used to have a music shop up the street from where I lived in Santa Monica around the time I met Elizabeth. And it just so happened that I needed new strings on my guitar (which I never learned to play). I was talking with Elizabeth on the phone one day about it, and she said, Well, why dont you bring it to my son? Im like Uh? And so I did. He was only about three blocks away. I now I have strings on my guitar that were put there by Billy Asher, Jr. But as to the bio, I would not even attempt to complete it without the full cooperation of Bill Asher, and his and Elizabeths children (Bill Asher, Jr., Robert, and Rebecca).

Melanie: Do you know what her son Bob is doing now? Rebecca Asher seems to be following in her dad’s footsteps on the production side of the entertainment business, while Billy has an entrepreneurial spirit and has had several different business ventures (from EM’S Secret Sauce to a guitar shop), but we never hear about Bob.

HJP: Yeah , Bob has always been somewhat of a mystery. I remember meeting him during one of the first interviews I did with Elizabeth. He was very shy, and kept very much to himself. So I really havent a clue about Bob.

Bob Asher with his Mom, Kristyn Foxworth, sister Rebecca,
Bob Foxworth, and Bo Foxworth in 1979

Melanie: Speaking of the “secret sauces,” do you know what ever became of that brand?

HJP: Im not really sure what happened with it. But I do have one of the label sheets that Elizabeth gave me. I had it framed, of course. But like I say, I really dont know know what happened there. I do know, however, that Elizabeth seemed excited about going into business with her son.

Melanie: Do you know whatever happened to the Bewitched clothing line that Elizabeth supposedly had in the 1960s and the children’s book that she had written?

HJP: No, I dont. I do know, however, that Byron Munson, the Bewitched costume designer, always thought that Elizabeth had terrible taste in clothes. So I dont know if the two topics are related. 🙂 As to the book, I think I have a copy of it around my house somewhere.

Melanie: Who was Elizabeth most like: Samantha or Serena?

HJP: Well, thats hard to say, because in one sense, Elizabeth was very much like Samantha, such that she was a very kind and loving individual, who sincerely cared about other people. But in another sense, and beyond the promiscuous side of Serena, she was very much like Serena, such that she liked to have fun – and was very much a free spirit who loved a good laugh. Gosh, that sounds so cheesy, but thats the truth.

Elizabeth Had a Little Bit of Samantha AND Serena in Her

Melanie: I know that you first began your book trying to get a Bewitched reunion show started. Ten years later, are you glad that Bewitched never had a follow-up TV show and do you feel that the story is better left without a conclusion?

HJP: Well, my reunion movie, in fact, did tie things up nicely. And I remember Bill Asher being very impressed with it. In fact, though I originally contacted him with the idea of doing a reunion (after I realized that he directed I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later), he was very interested in hiring me for a new Bewitched series that he was beginning to work on in 1988. It was to be called Bewitched, Again, and Elizabeth was allegedly going to make a cameo in the new show, introduce the new witch, and pop off forever. The new show would have been filmed in the UK, to save money or something. But it never came to be. Though it may have been fun. It was set to be about a new witch who was married to a mortal quite unlike Darrin. Whereas Darrin on the original show was always asking Sam to cool it with the magic, this new mortal husband was to encourage his witchly wife to make with the hocus-pocus, as Darrin might have said. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Melanie: If Bewitched were made into a major motion picture, would you rather see a parody (similar to The Brady Bunch movie) or a romantic comedy?

HJP: A romantic comedy. Bewitched deserves first rate respect.

Samantha and Darrin: They Bewitched Us All

Melanie: There has been a lot of talk about a Bewitched movie, including speculation of Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz playing Samantha. What do you think?

HJP: I think Drew Barrymore would make a killer Samantha. But, as the author of the upcoming book on TVs groundbreaking family drama, Life Goes On, I have a soft spot for Kellie Martin in the part. She can do anything. Shes so talented and, like Elizabeth, she’s beautiful, but not in an intimidating way. But rather, in a very girl-next-door kind of way.

Drew Barrymore Makes a Bewitching Blonde

Melanie: Do you have any favorite actors that you would like to see in a TV or silver screen adaptation?

HJP: I think Matthew Perry would be a great Darrin, as would Neil Patrick Harris. But Im partial to Nicholas Xander Brendon from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I think he would be perfect with either Drew Barrymore or Kellie Martin as Samantha. But please, not Jim Carrey. First of all, he’s way too old for the part now, and second of all, if Carrey was cast as Darrin, the film would be about Darrin, and not Samantha. She must remain the centerpiece. As to other actors in a big screen edition: I think Patti Lupone (again from Life Goes On) would make a perfect Endora. Or Swoosie Kurtz might be an interesting choice. Or even Dixie Carter or Sally Field (because she looks a lot like Kellie Martin – and also because she starred in two of Harry Bewitched Ackermans other series: Gidget and The Flying Nun – that might be kinda of neat for her to play Endora). As Larry? John OHurley (of Seinfeld fame). No question. And there was another actor from Seinfeld who could also appear in the movie, only as Mrs. Kravitz. I can’t think of her name, but she played the mother in the ugly baby episode (Youve got to see the BABY! My gosh, she looks and sounds just like Alice Pearce.) And I also think Billie Bird would do Aunt Clara justice.

Nicholas Brendon As Darrin #3?

Melanie: Knowing that you are a lifelong fan of the show, we have to ask: do you have a favorite Darrin?

HJP: When I was a kid, it was Dick Sargent, because I thought he was easier to look at. But when I became an adult (I guess), my choice became Dick York. I began to see just how talented he was. Dick Sargent was a very nice man (and of course, as we all know by now, the original choice for Darrin), and he certainly brought his own charm to the role. But Dick York turned in an iconic performance…one that I think was very difficult for Dick Sargent to live up to. Though he did a fine job. They really couldn’t have found a better second Darrin.

Melanie: What do you think of the resurgence of Bewitched-inspired shows like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Charmed? And what do you think of Nick at Nite changing their format and dropping classic TV programming from the 60s, like Bewitched?

HJP: I dont think much of Sabrina. First of all, I cant understand one thing the actress playing her is saying. She slurs her words, and the pace is just too frantic. Bewitched was about something…a very loving and strong relationship. Sabrina isnt about anything, except being silly, and it does nothing for legitimate fantasy television. Charmed? Well, if it didnt have Alyssa Milano, I wouldnt even bother watching it. And other than that, its just really a poor mans Buffy.

Melanie: Bill Asher has said in interviews that it was his fault that the marriage between he and Elizabeth ended after Bewitched and genuinely still seems to love her. Did she seem to have any regrets about ending the marriage and did she reflect as kindly on him during your interviews with her?

HJP: I cant say if she had any regrets about the marriage ending, but she did still have a great deal of respect for the man, as a professional and as the father of their children.

Bill and Liz On the Set of Bewitched Circa 1964

Melanie: Which episode of Bewitched is your all-time favorite?

HJP: Its somewhere between A Is For Aardvark and Charlie Harper, Winner. Aardvark, as pointed out in my book, is considered to be the ultimate episode, according to Bill Asher. So I dont want to disagree with him. 🙂 But Harper deals so much with the heart of what Bewitched is about – true love conquers all. Strong work ethic. Samantha loving Darrin for who he is, and not for what he can do for her (because whatever he can do for her, she can zap up something better). And also, the actor playing Charlie (Angus Duncan) – hes from Rochester, New York (my hometown) and I play favorites. Other than that, I love all the Salem episodes and segs like Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds, the latter in which Endora loses her powers, and becomes helpless. Those scenes with a weak Endora and Dick York’s Darrin are priceless.

Samantha and Darrin in Episode #99 Charlie Harper, Winner

Melanie: We saw several great actors on the series get “switched.” Of all of the supporting Bewitched cast, who do you feel was the most instrumental to the show’s success?

HJP: Paul Lynde.

Melanie: I found it very charming in your interview with Jone Devlin when you recalled that cast members would not talk to you until Elizabeth contacted them first. It shows the respect that they had for her and for the show. But do you have an understanding of why Elizabeth did not keep in touch with Dick York, Dick Sargent, David White, and other members of the cast of Bewitched after the show ended?

HJP: In her mind, she had just moved on. She had no idea there was a Bewitched underground, so to speak, growing.

Melanie: Do you know whatever happened to Dick York’s autobiography entitled The Seesaw Girl? If it wasn’t for that one FilmFax article fans would have almost no information about this wonderful actor and his time on Bewitched.

HJP: I have a copy of the bio, and years ago when I first met Dick, I tried to shop it around to a few publishers to no avail. But I should call his wife about that now.

Melanie: One question that fans of the show love to debate is, what color were Elizabeth Montgomery’s eyes in person? In Johnny Cool, they are described as blue, but Darrin says that she has green eyes on Bewitched. In most color photos from the show and later, they appear brown. You met with her on several occasions, so what’s the scoop?

HJP: As GREEN as the sky is blue.

Elizabeth Montgomery As Samantha in the 1970s

Melanie: What other projects are you currently working on now?

HJP: Theres the Life Goes On book, a combined book about The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, a completely revised and rewritten edition of my Kung Fu Book of Caine and Kung Fu Book of Wisdom into one volume, a tongue-in-cheek bio on my days at NBC-TV in the Big ’80s, and maybe, just maybe, a book based on my TV-Now.com, Repeat After Me.

Melanie: Thank you for taking the time to interview with Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre. We are thankful that you have provided the Bewitched Forever philosophy for upcoming generations with your wonderful book. Is there anything else that you’d like to say to fans of Bewitched?

HJP: Just this: When I started to write the book, I did it out of love. There was no million dollar contract. I did it because I believed that I was the one who was supposed to do it. I never thought it was going to be the best book ever written about any topic, but I wanted the Bewitched fan to enjoy reading it, as much as they enjoyed watching the show. And hopefully, Ive accomplished that. And I think the Bewitched fan is a very special individual. For one reason or another, those who really love Bewitched, bond with Samantha’s sense of isolation. I know I did. And I just marveled at its many themes: true love, strong work ethic, prejudice. It’s just a wonderful contribution to the world of television art and pop culture. And Im so glad its around, and that there are others, like those here at Harpies, who appreciate what it all means. Peace and good witches to all.

Note: The photo of Herbie J Pilato used in the banner is from http://www.tv-now.com/pilato/mar2000.htm (a great article on the The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman) and was taken by Sam Campanaro Photography.

http://www.harpiesbizarre.com/index.html© 2001 Harpiesbizarre.com. All rights reserved.


Her Life: Her Career: Her relationship with her father and her reasons for ending her role as Samantha:
Elizabeth Montgomery lit up the television screen with her role as Samantha Stevens.

Born April 15, 1933, to Robert Mongomery and Elizabeth Allen. Her father an actor who played a major role in her life and whose impact was anything but positive at times. Her first television appearance was in her father’s TB show in 1951. But, her major career and break started in 1964 with her role as Samantha Stevens in Bewitched. Bewitched was really magical and watching her twitch her nose and make things appear and disappear was amazing. With her sense of humor, high moral outlook and her playful stance at times, Elizabeth Montogomery kept viewers coming back every week. Agnes Moorhead played the devious, cunning who wreaked havoc for her mortal husband Darrin, or shall we say Durwood or Darwin as Endora would call him. Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur was wacky and Marion Lorne the bumbling, lovable and often confused Aunt Clara gave the show that extra push, nudge and made people realize just how human Samantha was. Caring and understanding Clara when no one else would and let’s not forget poor Gladys Kravitz who somehow thought at times she was going crazy and her husband who constantly thought so too. Added in Larry Tate played by David White and the cast was great, the stories realistic and the end result hilarious. Even today kids watch the reruns of the show and just love Samantha and wish they could twitch away people, problems and things too. No matter how they tried to hide the wild antics from neighbors they often could not and of course freezing characters midstream was priceless.

Married four times and struggling with her relationship with her father, Elizabeth at one point decided to leave Bewitched and venture into other areas. “ Twitch Upon A Star,” by Herbie J Pilato highlighs her life and focuses on not only the personal but her career as well. A biography that I cannot wait to read and spotlight and a star that deserves to be immortalized.

In an article titled: Elizabeth Mongomery Her Father’s Daughter by Herbie Pilato the author begins by stating that “ Magical is the world to describe Elizabeth Montgomery who has charmed millions ever since she first appeared on Bewitched.” Throughout the article we learn about her life, her career and her strained relationship with her father. “ Before Elizabeth Montgomery basked in fame and stardom as Samantha Stevens on Bewitched, she was born in the shadow of her father’s fame.” The author expands by stating that even as she grew in popularity and fame you might say “ it would be hard for her to embrace praise even from those whose lives she hleped brighen. It was as if her father’s godlen legacy had both helped and hindered her.” The author expands on her father’s acting career, political affliations and his marriage. Being his daughter definitley had an affect on Elizabeth.

Describing her life as a child being divided between her paretns huge estate in Patterson, New York and their home in Beverly Hills, the author brings to light her childhood, the actors and actresses she met, the circles her parents moved in and her father’s lifestyle living three months on a farm taking refuge from acting. But, Bewitched was just the first of many of her endeavors as she acted in movies, played many difficult roles and the pictures included in this article show her with Marion Lorne, Agnes Moorehead, Carol Burnett and her Bewitched Family. Spending her life trying to fix or resolve her conflict with her famous and overbearing father but, being diagnosed with cancer would end her career. She died at 62 years old and was nominated for 8 Emmy awards and never won. Let’s pay tribute to the great star and remember her today: May 18, 2015, 20 years ago : May 18, 1995.

She might not have won an Emmy. She might not have always gotten along with her fellow actors but Elizabeth Montgomery lit up that television screen with her mortal husband, Darrin, her definitely cunniving and difficult to handle mother, Endora, Tabitha and Adam her children and the rest of a cast that everyone will never forget. Bewitched needs to go down as one of the greatest comedies in the history of Classic TV. Let’s give Elizabeth: FIVE GOLDEN TWITCHES

Fran Lewis: Just ReviewsUntitled.wwpng

About Just Reviews by:gabina49:

author educator book reviewer for authors reading and writing staff developer Book reviewer for manic readers, ijustfinished.com book pleasures and authors upon request blog tours on my blog and interviews with authors I am the author of five published books. I wrote three children's books in my Bertha Series and Two on Alzheimer's. Radio show talk host on Red River Radio/Blog Talk Radio Book Discussion with Fran Lewis the third Wed. of every month at one eastern. I interview 2 authors each month feature their latest releases. I review books for authors upon request and my latest book Sharp As A Tack or Scrambled Eggs Which Describes Your Brain? Is an E book, Kindle and on Xlibris.com Some of the proceeds from this last book will go to fund research in the area of Brain Traumatic Injury in memory of my sister Marcia who died in July.



  1. Thank you for your book. I have loved Lizzie for about 25 of my 32 years… But there is still a mysterious air about her, and regardless of any biography written about her, we will never truly know Lizzie. She was elusive and mysterious that way. I’ve researched everything about her. She revealed what she wanted to reveal, and even in her death, her mystery is still preserved. That’s what adds to her intrigue. I miss her and wish she was still here. I wish she had more recognition.. I don’t get it! She was a true talent. Beautiful, sweet, extremely cool, sexy, intelligent, strong… and what an aura! Like I said, I’ve loved her most of my life. I don’t usually love (celebrities) ppl the way I love her. She was very special. She lives in my heart.

    Posted by meliciousness | February 1, 2016, 6:10 am

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