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Former Assassin: Nikki Stern

Former assassin

Creating a world that was orchestrated by an act that you could not avoid, Suzanne tries to even the playing field but falls prey to the wiles of a dangerous and deadly adversary. Revenge for the beating and death of her roommate, Greta Suzanne kills one but the second would cost her the freedom she so aptly relished. Victor Kemp is a power man whose goals were in place to his benefit only. Dare to defy him or try being disloyal and life well you won’t have to worry about that anymore. No choice but to work fir him in a double role almost creating a two people in one body each one acting divorced of the other making it seem if that’s possible that SUZANNE could be his corporate security manager at times and his paid assassin at others. Close call hits or far ranged Suzanne completed them all even with glitches that might have gotten her caught but somehow she prevailed until she decided to retire but first let’s flashback to her work with Brian her language I strand soon to be much more. Events led to a closer relationship but Brian was not who he appears to be and victor wanted SUSAN right where she was to spy for him and get closer to Brian whatever it takes. But, Brian is astute and best her to the punch each one revealed the truth and yet they married. Hiding and more from victor put a strain on both of them and when things got really tense they needed to cover up where Brian was and their newborn son and a fatal accident well planned occurred or so victor thought. The present where he now wants Suzanne to unretired leads another assassin but is Victor Really dead?

Susan and Victor tell the story from their own perspectives and viewpoints. Victor shares his journey to riches and his business dealings as well as his relationship with his children mainly his son Paul who he entrusted with the financial end of his businesses. Both legitimate and underworld this man’s outreach was wide and his different outlets many. Whether the energy company or any other business he demanded loyalty and would destroy an enemy with no thought to the suffering he imposed. While Susan reinvented herself becoming part of gun organizations possibly trying to get certification to become an instructor, we meet her in many social and business settings realizing that she is never fully at ease, her past remains in her mind and actions and her World is Brian and her son Michael soon to be married.

Meeting her future daughter in law and her family she never divulges her true past or her job as an assassin. Reactions might cloud their understanding and explaining what might doctor their son’s happiness and their safety.

Eyes are everywhere and Victor’s trusted assistant learns the truth about where Suzanne is hiding and Victor’s revenge although paramount in his mind but tabled until he plans out how to strike back at her, might accelerate when faced with the evidence and the truth.

Revenge does not always justify the means. Daniel Guzman convinced his father to allow him to run what he thought was a lucrative business dealing with some notorious criminals. Adding human trafficking he hoped would yield large sums what his efforts yielded was more than his father’s wrath.

Suzanne and Brian developed lives helping others and were excited about their son’s engagement to Kate from a well renowned family. But, Annie is Kemp’s daughter and getting close to her Suzanne placed her in danger a the engagement party turned deadly and a killer bent to avenge his brothers death might have brought down a dangerous house of wrath.

Lives would be entwined as we hear not only the fears related by Suzanne her flashbacks to her mother’s discarding her and leaving her in her own showing no love for her daughter who was the innocent victim of a man’s wiles and Victor whose revenge and anger at his younger son just might because of his actions bring him down. Questioning herself and her true calling Suzanne wonders if in reality she’s really a cold-blooded killer.

Conflicting thoughts and a nephew named Simon who brings about a reality check to both Brian and Suzanne about Daniel Guzman and Suzanne just might realize that her nemesis is alive but what will she do?

Victors voice overrides hers at times and in comes her mother’s too as we learn more about her past, present and wanting on her daughter’s life but why?

Entanglements, deceptions and decision Suzanne might have to make as her past comes crashing into her present as author Nikki stern draws the reader inside the minds of killers.

Frederick Weber is chief counsel to Kemp and the author shares his past and his road to success. Lizette is a well-known author now little does she know she’s in the radar of Kemp and she’d better not throw caution to the wind.

Weber flashes back to his relationship with Paul and the author reminds him and readers that Kemp is heartless, deadly and his loyalty is to himself. Luisa his mistress handles delicate situations but the author has intricately woven a tapestry of hidden truths lies and deception if hung on a wall the scenes would be terrifying.


Things move in different directions as Kemp puts his new plans in place someone else, another player is out to destroy him and Arkady Dyukov, his overseer and right hand man although a great enforcer lacked the polish to head an international enterprise. Susan was his albatross.

Forced beyond her control are taking aim at Kemp and his team. Revenge is the key and the final scenes will stun readers as Suzanne faces off with a deadly adversary and someone close to her is in danger. Who will survive? Will Suzanne revert to her old position and who else wants her gone? Betrayals all around and an explosive last scene that will bring blood curdling chills down your spine as we learn

The final fate of the former assassin. Told from various viewpoints and hearing the innermost thoughts of Suzanne, Brian, Kemp and creating the fear and hostilities that are instilled within many of the characters such as Daniel, Lucas and Gabriel the author takes aim through these characters at those who dared to take away what they wanted whether power, money, greed or family. This is a multi-complex plot and the final reveal will send shock waves and the reader is wondering if the author is going to bring Suzanne and the rest of the cast back again.

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Questions for the interview Nikki stern


Summary of the plot

How and why did you come up with this plot line of a paid assassin? How did Suzanne become entrenched in this world?

Why didn’t she have a way out?

Explain the control Kemp had over her and others

Tell us her back- story

How did Victor rise in power?

Who are his trusted assets?

Tell us about Luisa and her two sons and their relationship to him?

Tell us about Annie

How does she come to Suzanne?

How does Suzanne meet Brian and why doesn’t he take her in? Why the bond?

Michael is just an infant at the start of the novel why does she have to hide?

Part 2 he’s an adult tell us about him and how Suzanne has been spending her life?

What did she do to try and get Kemp but first tell us about his son Paul and how he became part of his empire? Tell us how someone can have a legitimate business and hide behind a shady one? What exactly is Kemp into?

Tell us what happens to Paul and the end result for him.

Daniel is his other son and this is a case of jealousy and the need for recognition. What does Daniel do to get involved in his father’s business and how does he fair?

Who is Kate and tell us about her parents?

The engagement party turned deadly why?

Who are the players close to Brian and what will they do to uncover you hit his son?

Tell us about Nancy

Brian deals with this but suspicion falls on Daniel but he’s missing and no one realizes why how come?

Suzanne had always seems to have a black cloud hanging over her and is never at ease why?

Who are Simon and Charlie?

Who is Lizette?

Tell us about Lucas and Gabriel and why they decided to take out Kemp’s Lawyer and overseer? What drove them?


Loyalties are tested and no one can. E trusted as Arkady makes a big mistake and will learn that his one misstep will cost him why includes that?

Why does it seem that Kate and her parents really have no idea or do not want to know the hidden Suzanne?

How does Kemp try to get her?

All the pieces seem to fit together and the final scene allows or gives us a front row seat at someone’s demise not revealing whom how did you create this scene?

Why do we get the feeling that Suzanne is never fully at ease and how does this shake her relationship with her family at times? Why does she agree to meet Kemp and what would anyone else have done in her place?

Will you bring theses characters back again? If so will Suzanne become Sussn Smith again and will it take its toll on her family?

What’s next for you?

Where can we learn more about you and your work?










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