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Fatal Obsession : James Hayman

Images play a vital part within the mind of a deranged serial killer. Actresses that fit a specific description and a sick attraction within this person’s mind as he stalks and follows his prey justifying his feelings and demanding compliance from his victims. Sarah Jacobs was his first and a second went missing until Zoe McCabe became his third. Handsome and cunning easing his way into the life of an unsuspecting young girl, Tyler Bradshaw caught his victim without breaking a sweat and in a way he thought no one would ever find out.

Zoe was playing in the Mc Arthur Weinstein community theater in Manhattan. Her role in Othello was a starring one. Desdemona is her character and Tyler became obsessed with Zoe and Saw every one of her performances sitting in the same seat and daring as we see in the prologue anyone to take his seat. Tyler would become known as the Star Struck Strangler as we read the report of the death of 21-year-old Sarah Jacobs a dancer with the New York City Ballet. Death by strangulation. Tyler read the article the author shares and revered in his fame and loved the description of his handiwork. Zoe had completed her performance and was meeting someone for a late night drink. Tyler found his way to the same bar. Author James Hayman’s description of Tyler’s actions and inner rage and turmoil are so vividly depicted and described you can feel the anger welling up inside of him and the jealous rage about to take hold.

Detective Michael McCabe is about to make a momentous move and propose to his partner on the Portland force, Maggie Savage but circumstances change at a seconds notice and he and Maggie are forced to get to MONTEFIORE hospital before his mother Rose passes away. Brother Bobby makes the call and Sister a Fran his sister a nun is there too as decisions are made and lives will become at stake as Rose passes after each one says goodbye but a phone call about Zoe changing all.

Tyler sets the trap to snare Zoe in a way that she’s blindsided and does not see it coming. Young girls need to be more vigilant when allowing strangers to accompany them home and young men should not strand a date leaving her to walk home alone. But, Tyler is a smooth operator but. Zoe’s neighbor arrives just as he was going to take care of kidnapping Zoe and this poor Japanese lady was the next victim. Just what he does is short of ingenious but detective Art Astarita finds his way to Zoe’s building when McCabe learns she’s missing and asks him to find her. When she doesn’t answer her door because we know that Tyler had her, Art tries the neighbor’s and the tiny drop of blood uncovers a murder.

McCabe wants in on the investigation but will Art make it happen and will Maggie work it too?

The author allows us to feel the pain and fear that Zoe is enduring and her final destination in a locked room with no way out. Zoe had to use every bit of her acting talent on Tyler to stay alive.

A task force is created of detectives and officers from different precincts where the victims lived or worked and McCabe and Savage joined it and hoped to find Zoe brainstorming ideas they decided to go and question the lead male actor in the show which gave them a start in creating a physical description of Tyler. While Zoe uses her feminine wiles and acting skills to bait Tyler and hopefully throw him off base. Questioning Randall and the manager of the theater they learn about Richard Mooney and his girlfriend Sarah’s altercation with Tyler. Physical description created by the sketch artist and then using other images to hone in on the real Tyler they continue by going after the homeless man that actually spoke to him. As they search an officer on horse patrol sees someone dragging a body bag and another victim is found but was this Tyler?

Zoe is trying to convince Tyler that she cares for him hoping he might let her go but when she realizes that his focus is on the death scene from Othello will she understand her possible fate along with his quotes?

McCabe and Savage go after Luke Nichols hoping he remembers something before leaving Zoe alone.

The body bag had an actress in it and the Mountie that stumbled upon it with an odd man dragging it did not fall for his story. Arrested and taken into custody Ziegler denied killing the victim but Maggie pulled a few rabbits out of a hat and you won’t believe the revelations and unexpected twist. Who killed the first three victims and who wanted to possess Zoe? As the unheard truths are revealed and Zoe just might have to give the performance of her life to survive, will she get up the nerve to strike at Tyler? Will McCabe and Savage get there in tie?

Fear escalated as a killer holds all the cards and author James Hayman strikes a high note that reverberates real loud as this psychological mystery thriller comes to a dramatic and heart stopping close. Will Zoe be saved? If she is will she remain on the stage? Lives are in danger and one is hanging by a loose thread because of one man’s Fatal Obsession. McCabe and Savage at their best and a great new star in Zoe.



Questions for the interview

Define fatal obsession

Explain how you created the prologue that sets the stage for the dramatic events to come?

What is the significance of choosing Othello as the play?

Who is Tyler and how do we know he’s obsessed with Zoe even though he’s never met her?

What triggers his anger in the theater?

Why does Richard move?

What happens after the show and why does Tyler see every performance?

Give us the back-story about McCabe and Savage.

Why does he get a call to come to the Bronx?

Tell us about Rose and her past?

Tell us about his family and his late brother Tommy?

What happens when he gets there and sees sister Fran and Bobby? What is wrong with Rose and how did she get injured? Why few support services to keep her alive yet she did not have a DNR?

How does Tyler meet Zoe and describe the bar scenes

When he convinces her to accompany her home why did things get violent and why kill Annie?

Tell us about Ralston and why he did not realize Zoe was in trouble? How does the homeless man fit?

What happens when they realize she’s missing and you are the other victims?

When we get to know Tyler what oddities come through about his behavior?

Why does he drug Zoe and get agitated?

What is wrong with him?

Where does he take her and who is Tucker?

Tell us about his Stanford home and how he lives

While she is hoping to live and deals with Tyler tell us about the task force the head lead investigators and why do many precincts are involved? Who are the victims and how are they similar or different?

Why does McCabe insist on being part of the task force with Savage? Would stand by if not included?

How does a task force operate and how did they decide on procedures?

Tell us about Randall and how they learn about the problem at the theater?

How did they find Mooney and what information does he share and his girlfriend too?

What is the significance of the seat?

What happens when a Mountie accidentally falls over a killer?

What does he do and what happens at the station that’s odd?

Why doesn’t he talk or answer and how does Maggie get some starling information out of him?

What does Zoe endure while with Tyler and how does her acting work in her favor?

Explain how McCabe ties it together and tell us why Tyler is mentally sick and his past?

Why does he confess Zoe?

How would someone explain his character?

What residue you do into police investigations and mental illness?

Having a mother with Alzheimer’s and knowing what happened to Rose is possible what will they do about the caregiver center?

What is mikes relationship with Zoe and is she stable after this?

What’s next for you and where can we learn more about you and your Work?




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