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Eye for Eye by JK Franko

Eye for Eye

by JK Franko

on Tour July 22 – September 20, 2019



Roy and Susie are on a skiing holiday, trying to take a break from the constant reminders of their daughter, tragically killed by a careless driver. Out of the blue they meet Deb and Tom, another couple with a tragic past and a shocking proposal to put things right.

As the bodies accumulate, secrets are revealed and alliances crumble. Ultimate survival depends on following the rules for a perfect murder. And the first rule is… leave no singing bones.


Book Details:

Genre: Crime & Mystery
Published by: Talion Publishing
Publication Date: June 22nd 2019
Number of Pages: 400
ISBN: 1999318803 (ISBN13: 9781999318802)
Series: Talion #1
Purchase Links: Amazon | Goodreads

Tour Info:

Book Formats: ePub, Kindle, Print, Netgalley
Hosting Options: Review, Interview, Guest Post, Showcase
Giveaway: There will be a PICT Giveaway
More: According to the J.K. Franko Eye for Eye does not include: Excessive Strong Language, Graphic Violence, Explicit Sexual Scenes, Rape, or other trigger situations. It does contain what some may consider to be a Moderate (moderate language, moderate sexual content, high level of sexual tension & content, no more than a scene that’s graphic or explicit) level of content. PICT staff have not read this book, however and cannot give additional information.


Read an excerpt:

When I try to piece together how this whole mess began, a part of me thinks it may have started over thirty years ago. At least the seeds were planted that far back, in the early 1980s. What happened then, at that summer camp in Texas, set the stage for everything that was to come.

Odd, how something so remote in time and geography continues to impact me here, today.

Sometimes I try to imagine her, how she felt—that eleven year-old girl—as she ran, stumbling and tripping through the woods that night. I try to put myself in her shoes. When I do, I wonder if she was frightened.

Did she understand the consequences of what she’d gotten herself into? I imagine it felt otherworldly to her, like a dream. But not a good dream. No, one of the bad ones—the ones that make your heart machine-gun as you try to outrun some dark thing that’s chasing you. But the faster you try to run, the slower you go, your legs feeling leaden, clumsy, useless.

Panic sets in. Tears of frustration form. Fear takes hold and won’t let go. You open your mouth to scream but realize, to your horror, that you’re paralyzed. It’s not that you can’t scream; you can’t even breathe. Not a dream—a nightmare.

Then again, all that may simply be my imagination. It could just be me projecting what I might have felt onto Joan. Maybe she wasn’t scared at all.

True, it was dark out. The night smelled of rain, but there was no lightning, only the far-off rumble of thunder hinting at a distant storm. There were no trail lights, no visibility but for the moon peeking out intermittently from behind a patchwork of clouds. But, Joan had been down this trail before. She was running toward the main cabin.

She had been at Camp Willow for almost two full weeks. She had been up and down that trail at least ten times a day, every day. Of course, that was during the day, and always with her buddy, or a camp counselor (the children called them troop leaders). Joan had never been on the trail at night. And never alone.

Maybe I imagine Joan was scared because, as an adult, I believe that she should have been. I would have been terrified.


Excerpt from Eye For Eye by JK Franko. Copyright © 2019 by JK Franko. Reproduced with permission from JK Franko. All rights reserved.



Author Bio:

J.K. FRANKO was born and raised in Texas. His Cuban-American parents agreed there were only three acceptable options for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect. After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name) and spent many years climbing the big law firm ladder. After ten years, he decided that law and family life weren’t compatible. He went back to school where he got an MBA and pursued a Ph.D. He left law for corporate America, with long stints in Europe and Asia.

His passion was always to be a writer. After publishing a number of non-fiction works, thousands of hours writing, and seven or eight abandoned fictional works over the course of eighteen years, EYE FOR EYE became his first published novel.

J.K. Franko now lives with his wife and children in Florida.

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Losing a child due to someone’s negligence is devastating. Texting and driving are more than dangerous it’s criminal. When a child is driving to take care of her horse and someone runs her off the road parents take on a different perspective and both Susie and Roy turn into something and plan what most would say revenge. An eye for an eye: if someone does something to you do you do the same to them in return?

Camilla died when a young man was texting and driving and Susie and Roy her parents were bent on avenging her death . But Liam Bareto fell prey to the same fate and spent his last days in an induced coma the hospital thinking he might pull through so what about his fest was unnoticed why does his mother go to Veronica Rios a television journalist for some help? Watching a hospital video alerts them both that someone might have ended his life, but will the police listen?

Tom and Deb Wise purposelessly made sure to meet Susie and Roy. But Tom and Roy would have a private meeting which would start a chain of events that might take down the young man that taped their daughter and possibly show readers what’s in the mind of a potential killer.

Joe Harlan Jr. is responsible for raping Kristy and how her father proposed that Roy should kill him. Why do it? Why enact an eye for eye when this does not involve you?

Added in Susie has become an advocate to changing laws and punishments involving texting and driving an important issue highlighted in this book. The other is rape as we hear Senator Harlan Sr. and how the influential get things done. The author describes the characters in detail as we get to know their backstory and helping us understand why they are so different in the present.

Roy and Susie quarrel and he moves into his study as she feels a certain disconnect to him and the world feeling she failed to get justice for her daughter and thinking that killing Joe Harlan Jr. was right and when Roy buys a book on how the police solve a homicide he creates what he hopes is a foolproof plan. But does that exist?

There is a narrator that gives the point of views of each character and explains their actions as we understand Susie’s past and her reasons for leaving journalism and becoming an advocate. Is what they are doing justified? What about the parents of Liam?

Roy had a methodical plan as outlined in detail. Meeting with Marty McCall and Frank Stern , Harlan’s partners set the ball in motion as Cruise Capital was appearing to show a valuable interest in their company and wanted to buy in, but the lawsuit was a deterrent but Roy and his partner, David had a plan . But would it work as this was the first step in his deception to get closer to Harlan, plan his demise and enact: eye for eye. But is he justified and did this young man really rape Kristy? Judge and jury and killer!

Events begin to come together when the complexion of Cruise Capital takes on more partners and their goals change as Roy’s plan gets closer and bringing in Harlan creates the suspense and the twists that follow.

The action takes place in the water during several dives to prepare for the real thing, getting Harlan to Miami was easy stroking his ego and putting him against McCall. The plan seemed well in hand but what happens might not be what both Roy and Susie expected. Detective Art Travers is astute and with another detective named Eddie, one named Rosa and a team including a doctor whose ability to create what might have happened to the victim and why plus the motive behind it we have a thriller filled with unexpected suspense, where the narrator creates more information for the reader letting us know what we might be in for next, and characters that are deliberate in their motives, actions and words.

Events change and Harlan is killed in a graphic way, but Roy is about to learn the harsh realities of what his wife and someone else did. Detective Art Travers and Senator Harlan Sr are working to learn the truth, but Roy’s best laid plans did not account for some serious oversights and the team of detectives and medical personnel are moving fast but will they learn the truth? Joe Jr did something wrong but was found innocent. Is what they did Justice or murder? The author has a third-party narrator give readers the inside scoop to help us understand the killers, what they missed and what’s next. Then the detective interviews McCall and he begins to put together Joe Junior’s itinerary and the list of suspects grows including, Tom and Deb Wise, Joe senior, Roy, David Kim, McCall but one person is missing. Sometimes just when you think you have it all figured out you don’t. The killer was methodical, smart and devious thinking he/she would get away with murder, but the surprise twist and the mutilation changes it all.


The narrator explains Deb’s hold on Susie and the Detective Eddie Garza whose method of interrogation is methodical and well planned out as he knows how to push the right buttons. The scary scenes are with Roy and Susie as the author draws us closer to the high voltage and electrifying ending.

The narrator is revealed, and the shockwaves will rebound as we learn the harsh realities of two diabolical and disturbing people. But it all began with the death of an innocent young camper who witnessed something that cost her the life she would never have. Did the killers outsmart the police? Did they cover it up so meticulously that they would not ever be revealed? Just how far does patient/ doctor confidentiality go? Endings create finality except when they don’t. Eye for Eye! Do you agree?

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  1. I have seen nothing but rave reviews of this book.

    Posted by cherylmash | September 12, 2019, 1:42 pm

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