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Cloud of Fraud

Cloud of fraud

The great masters are often plagued with reproductions sone try to pass off as originals. Some paintings are so sought after that they are considered robbed by not hit me for hire but a robbery for hire.
Arthur Seri is a kind and gentle man whose life was taken by an unknown killer at the courthouse. Why? This novel centers around a Rembrandt that is in a bank fault and at the heart of a family’s greed over a will and who will benefit. Arthur was taken care of by an uncle who died and left part of his money to him, but the family had other ideas. Greed hate power and deception are prime but there’s more.
Clare Bliss is an art expert who has been enlisted to check out the provenance of the Rembrandt in the vault. What she uncovers is what no one expects could it be a forgery?
Ricardo and his wife work in a museum and a priceless painting was stolen .
A judge that just wanted the case settled and an executor named Rose justice. No settlement unless the registrar would state that he just accused copy of the will in probate and never questioned its authenticity. Mack Crowder was the lawyer who falsified the will and decided who’d inherit. But the paintings in question were still unrecovered and Clare places herself in danger when the so-called banker consultant takes her hostage again and the commandant hears it all but leaves it to her to deal with this dangerous art thief. Deranged and delusional this man claims the panels are all his and will kill anyone including ClDe in his way . Things heat up when the reporter meets with Rose and the police connect with her and finally search Arthur’s room finding a panel that they take but is it real or fake?
Rose is the landlord that hovered over Arthur for years and he learned about the painting and his ingenuity and insight hit him killed. One painting that Rose had hidden and another worth millions, but no one knew it. The painter in question was Carlo Crivelli whose painting is on the cover. The setting is Le Marche Italy and Philadelphia. The cloud of fraud grows thicker and the cast of characters are vividly crafted as Clare proves her skills with the special watch that everyone would want that helped her to connect with someone who heard what the kidnapper wanted, the author takes us deep into the mind of a killer who justifies his actions and had no qualms about killing again. The research is extensive and the art information informative as the author help recreate the Renaissance for art lovers and readers.


Mary Magdalene takes center stage as the author’s research takes us back in time to understand her importance as she is the focus of the cover. Clare is determined to unravel the kidnapper’s identity working with the police and the flashbacks take readers back in time.

Money is the prime reason for the murder and inheritances and family discord are the at top of why one man was killed. There are lawsuits, greedy relatives and we get to know and see in person the magnificent art of Carlo Crivelli.
Claire takes many chances and when a man is shot in City Hall in Philadelphia, aim is focused at Claire who needs to decipher the clues and hopefully solve the case.

The history behind the art in the Renaissance, the forgeries and where they wind up, the characters that deal with international art thievery, the web of intrigue and the international crimes, keeps reader interest.

Then the Comandante is kidnapped and must think fast hoping that Claire gets the text that might save his life. With the police she hoped tracking where he might be and the stolen paintings still in question will the art world be devoid of the paintings or will the thief be uncovered? Carlo Crivelli is an icon and there were many other Magdalene’s that he painted. Someone wanted one of the ones that Arthur was killed for and was authenticated. The ending will surprise readers and just what the secrets behind the stolen paintings and where they were will shock readers. What was Arthur hiding before his death? Why did his family want what was left to him? Greed, control, power and selfishness guided his family’s ill-gotten gains or at least they hoped they would overturn the will, but Arthur loved artwork. Where did the paintings finally wind up? What about Claire? What is next for her? Will she continue to work with the Comandante on more cases? What about their relationship?
A novel filled with intrigue, suspense and great research into the Renaissance era. What happens when paintings are forged, others are stolen things take on a sinister turn but will at the end the mist be lifted, and will we be able to find out what is really behind:  the powerful CLOUD OF FRAUD?
Fran Lewis: Just reviews


 Interview questions

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When creating this novel, you did extensive research about the Renaissance. Why this time period?
Your plot is centered around two art thefts how did you determine where they would be stolen and the locales?
Tell us about Clare Bliss and why she becomes involved in both thefts: who does she work with in Italy and what about Philadelphia?
Tell us about Biggers and crispo and how they come into play with the fight over the will and the family feuding
Why does Crispo work with Rose and what role does Clare play?
Tell us about jack and why they are friends but he wants more
Tell us about Robson and his connection to Biggers. Why is he able to flesh out information?
Arthur was suing his fame for taking his inheritance and leaving him broke. But there is more: Arthur realizes something about the painting. Why was he killed?
Tell us more about the earthquake and why Clare insisted on going back to Italy?
Why does the Commandant stock her food pantry and make sure her house is in order?
Why did you have her kidnapped?
What happens when she and the commandant face Dorvo
How does she cleverly engage him in conversation and get him to trust her to a point?
Why did you allow the police to leave her alone?
Tell us why she avoids her mother?
Tell us about Julie Seri and Mack Crowder and why he wanted to control the will and who inherits? What do we learn about him that casts a dark cloud of fraud over him?
How does Clare tell a forgery?
Tell us more about Le Marche and why this site is significant in this plot
Tell us about the judge and Nussbaum and why you created this judge who relies on his clerk to center him and his decisions?
Why does he go against Arthur and why the fine?
How does he try and control the proceedings and why is he so linked to Biggers?
Why take sides in a sense?
How does Clare along with Rose try to trap a thief?
Is this a series with these characters?
Are you bringing her back
What’s next for you
Where can we learn more about you and your work?


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  1. I have this waiting for me in my towering pile but after listening to the show, it just moved closer to the top. Great show!!

    Posted by cherylmash | November 6, 2019, 4:02 pm

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